Crazy Florida Taco Crimes

Here at Taco Jesus Hot Sauce we love being based in the Sunshine State, but the laid back lifestyle draws some folks to the state who … lets just say aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.  These are tales of those people, taco related tales.

Largo Man Calls 911 To Report Taco Bell for Not Selling Him Tacos

This first story comes from right down the road from our corporate office in Largo, FL.  Sometimes you get the muchies real bad and only Taco Bell will satisfy that craving.

Deltona Teen Jailed for Hitting Mother with Taco

Some kids just don’t respect their elders.

Drunk Florida Man Offers Police Taco as ID

We’ve all been there, too much beer or whatever your poison is.  But unless you’re Taco Jesus you’re unlikely to be able to use a taco as an ID.