Product Preview: Mexican Style Rojo Sauce

tjhslogoOn the 8th day He created tacos and they were good. 

On that same day Taco Jesus created this sauce as the perfect complement to the almighty taco.  This terrific sauce has set the standard against which all future taco sauces will be measured.

HEAT INDEX: 4/10 which is on par with a traditional Tabasco product.



FLAVOR PROFILE: Fresh Cayenne chiles and spices mix to give you a great tasting, versatile sauce for all things South and North of the Border.  The perfect complement to turn any meal into a heavenly delight.

This is an incredible product with a versatility that will allow you to use it on a variety of meals to add an extra touch of flavor whenever it is needed.   This go to sauce is sure to be a can’t miss in your household and a hit with your family and guests.

As always the product will be artfully hand crafted with the touches that set Taco Jesus brand sauces apart and will make a terrific gift as well as a terrific addition to your meal.

First run limited editions signed and numbers by Taco Jesus are limited to the first 25 bottles on this product.  To reserve a chance for your limited edition bottle today send an email to or for other information regarding Taco Jesus brand Hot Sauces send to

Product Preview: Mango Pineapple Hot Sauce

mango_pineapple_labelDon’t settle for ordinary hot sauces.   Taco Jesus brand hot sauces can help turn your next taco or any other meal into a heavenly delight.

This premium sauce consists of fresh mango, pineapple, and red habanero chiles.

This is Taco Jesus’ choice for breakfast tacos.  Awesome fresh flavors with just the right amount of spice.


FLAVOR PROFILE: Excellent with stir fry, ice cream, margaritas, fish, BBQ chicken and more, this blend takes almost any dish to new culinary heights. Sweet and hot.prototype bottles

This is one of the mildest sauces offered by Taco Jesus Hot Sauces, but there is the right amount of flavor and spice to enhance your meal and turn the ordinary into something that tastes like a little slice of heaven.  Pictured here the Mango Pineapple salsa will feature our unique handcrafted bottle and signature sombrero.

PREORDER TODAY:  The first 48 bottles will also feature a limited edition tag hand signed and numbered by Taco Jesus himself.  To ensure your reservation of one of these first 25 bottles send an email to to reserve your bottle and ensure you will receive one of these limited edition bottles.

Welcome to Taco Heaven

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