Taco Jesus Christmas Awesomeness!

If you think you’ve seen some awesome products rolled out by Taco Jesus this year, then strap yourself in because the awesomeness we will be rolling out these next few days and weeks for the Christmas shopping season will BLOW YOU AWAY!

"Real Taco Action" is here!The much anticipated Taco Jesus Action Figures which have been a hard-to-come-by-collectible, usually only available to vendors and retailers of Taco Jesus Gourmet Foods products, will be available in a very limited quantity beginning on Black Friday – November 27th on a first-come, first-served basis.  Featuring gliding actions, and pose-able arms for “real taco action” these rare collectibles are sure to please the taco or hot sauce enthusiast in your life.

Taco Jesus Fish TacoTaco Jesus Fish Taco Car Emblems have just been release and are already close to selling out.  If you haven’t already gotten your hands on one yet, get one today before they are gone.  We hope to have more in stock before Christmas, but cannot guarantee they will arrive in time.

Taco Jesus StockingBut wait there’s more … Taco Jesus Stockings stuffed with awesome spicy goodness are also in the pipeline and will be posted for sale SOON along with many other awesome goodies yet to be announced!

Stay tuned and spread the Taco Gospel!

Retail Opportunities

Things here at Taco Jesus World HQ have been going great in the few short months since the hot sauce operations have begun operations.  We’ve expanded from our initial five sauces to 13 terrific flavors.  We’ve partnered with Chilepepper Magazine for an awesome special offering that received a terrific response from their readers, and we’ve even added a West Coast partner to expand the brand footprint.The Taco Jesus Action Figure

We couldn’t be happier with the response we’ve gotten from our customers, but we’re not just going to sit back and enjoy our successes.  We are actively looking to expand our customer base and looking for retailers to sell our unique brand of sauces.  If you own a specialty shop, online retailer, or are otherwise interested in offering the Taco Jesus brand we’d love to hear from you.

East of the Rockies contact Taco Jesus World HQ at tacojesus@thetacojesus.com and west of the Rockies contact our main man Scott Benedettini at scott@thetacojesus.com

Spreading the Taco Gospel one bottle at a time.