Free Shipping on Limited Edition Sauces

The First-Run Limited Edition Sauces are almost gone. The Mexican Style Rojo Limited Edition Sauces have sold out, and the others are getting scarce.

For the last few bottles which remain you can get FREE SHIPPING with any purchase of $15 or more when you use the code LASTCHANCE at checkout in our Limited Editions Shop.

Each bottle is hand decorated and hand signed by Taco Jesus himself, and is sure to be a collectors item.  These one of a kind bottles will never be duplicated, and aresure to become a valued collectible when Taco Jesus takes the world by storm.

New Flavors Available

Full Product LineOf course you have come to expect great things from Taco Jesus Hot Sauces, and the great things just keep on coming.  We’ve added eight new restaurant style sauces to our product line up all available now through our online shop

TJ - Red SavinaTaco Jesus’ Red Savina blends Red Savina and Naga Jolokia peppers with onion, lemon juice, passion fruit juice and garlic pulp to form a powerful sauce, both in flavor and heat! This is no ‘soupy’ hot sauce. Quite to the contrary, our Red Savina is a thick crushed pepper sauce that will stick with you… possibly longer than you had intended!

Heat Rating- Extremely Hot Continue reading

Things Are Happening

It’s hard to believe that Taco Jesus Hot Sauce has been in existence for only a few months.  So many great things have happened since the first of the year, and we couldn’t have done it without you, our awesome customers.  While Taco Jesus had been around on Facebook for many years selling t-shirts and trinkets it wasn’t until this year when we started selling the hot sauces that the brand has really taken off.

The initial success of this product launch has really allowed us to start offering some other really cool products.  From our most recent addition, the much anticipated Taco Jesus Action Figure, to a whole bunch of other awesome items we have on the way it has been a great ride.

Keep checking back with us as a ton of new offerings will be available soon including several new sauce varieties to tempt your taste buds.  Also the volume of sales so far has allowed us to leverage our purchasing power and we hope to be able to pass along the saving to you.

Taco Jesus Action Figures

The Taco Jesus Action FigureSOLD OUT:

Action figures have been around for many years honoring some of the greatest super heroes of all-time, but not until now has the ultimate action figure become available honoring the one true super hero Taco Jesus.  Spiderman may have spidey sense, and Superman may be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but these powers pale in comparison to the true powers of Taco Jesus.

With poseable arms and a wheeled base for gliding action the Taco Jesus Action Figure will bring real taco action to your playtime."Real Taco Action" is here!  All the neighborhood Barbies will flock to your house and you will be the envy of all of your friends when you break out your Taco Jesus Action Figure.

Whether this is part of your action figure collection or part of your fun time action the Taco Jesus Action Figure is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face every time you break him out.  You can perform true miracles like turning imaginary water into cerveza and feeding the masses from just two tacos.  The miracles you will be able to perform with the Taco Jesus Action Figure are only limited by your imagination.

True Believer’s 5 Bottle Set

The True Believers Deluxe Bottle SetTrue Believer's Deluxe 5 Bottle Set comes with one each of the sauces that helped make Taco Jesus famous. You will get one each of the Mango Pineapple Sauce, the Mild Mexican Style Rojo sauce, Medium Chipotle Sauce, the Hot Habanero sauce and the Holy Ghost Pepper Hellfire Extreme Heat sauce.

So many flavors that there is sure to be a sauce perfect for every meal that any true believer could encounter.

Buy these beautiful bottles for your own use or give them as a gift for any occasion and you have just punched your ticket to taco heaven.

Holy Trinity 3-Pack Gift Box

The Holy Trinity 3-Pack Gift Box comes with one each of the sauces that helped make Taco Jesus famous. You will get one each of the Mild Mexican Style Rojo Sauce, Medium Chipotle Sauce and the Hot Habanero sauce.Holy Trinity 3-Pack Gift Box

So many flavors packed into one box that there is sure to be a sauce perfect for every meal that any true sauce lover could encounter.

The sauces come packed in our attractive 3-pack gift box and are sure to make the sauce lover on your gift list sing your praises to the world. Give this gift for any occasion and you have just punched your ticket to taco heaven.

– Taco Jesus

Behind the Scenes

Taco Jesus is working hard this weekend to bring you a new batch of products.  Here is a little behind the scenes look at what it takes to bring you one of our signature bottles of sauce.

First our sauces are manufactured using the finest natural ingredients.mango_pineapple_nutrition  Like all of our sauces, our mango pineapple sauce includes only ingredients that you could find at your neighborhood grocer or in you own kitchen.  Ingredients:  Mango-Pineapple, Red Habanero Chile Peppers, Vinegar, Salt, Sugar.  There is nothing here you need a dictionary to help you pronounce or a chemistry degree to decipher.  Those ingredients are packaged at the factory in Lakewood, CO and our standard edition bottles are shipped to Taco Jesus World HQ in Belleair Bluffs, FL where Taco Jesus himself gives each bottle the finishing touches that help separate our products from the more common and lesser products on the market.

Taco Jesus Standard Factory Run Mango Pineapple Sauce

Hand wrapped raffia bottle necks.

Each bottle is hand wrapped with our signature raffia bottle neck for the deluxe bottle and then adorned with the signature mini sombrero for the collectors edition bottle.  Limited edition bottles are labeled with a hand cut and signed bottle in first-run limited editions of 25 bottle runs for the first lucky customers to grab one of our products.prototype bottlessignature







Five great flavor beginning with the mild Mango-Pineapple and Mexican Style Rojo sauces, plus Medium Heat Chipotle sauce, Hot Red Habanero sauce and Holy Ghost Pepper Hellfire Super Hot sauce for the adventurous eaters ensure there is a flavor and heat level for every hot sauce enthusiast.

We are sure you will enjoy the products as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

Keep spreading the taco gospel,

–  Taco Jesus

Product Unveiling

Over the last few weeks we’ve gotten to see a few product sneak peeks.  Now they have finally arrived at TJ World HQ in Florida and we will begin flavorsshipping the Limited Edition pre-orders this week.

We will be working on the official grand opening of the TJ Products website/shop over the course of the week as well and hope to have the site up and running by the end of the month.  We will offer several variety packs as well as individual bottles, and soon will begin offering t-shirts and a variety of other products.cases

Thank you to everyone who has snapped up the first of the limited edition products.  There was a great reception and I know a lot of you are waiting on the rollout of the standard products and 3-packs.

As they say … patience is a virtue.

Holy Ghost Pepper Ltd. Edition

Taco Jesus brand hot sauces introduces our new line of sauces with these fantastic hand decorated bottles. Each bottle comes with a signature mini sombrero, raffia wrapped bottle neck, and a hand cut and stamped wooden tag signed and numbered by Taco Jesus himself.

Limited Edition of 25 bottles

DESCRIPTION: Cghostpepper_limited_editionAUTION: VERY VERY HOT! This sauce is made from the hottest chile peppers on planet Earth mixed with a pepper extract. Painful. Enduring.

FLAVOR PROFILE: The Naga (or Bhut) Jolokia chile has a naturally smokey flavor spiked with unreal heat from chile pepper extract.

INGREDIENTS: Naga Jolokia chiles, vinegar, tomato paste, Capsaicin extract, salt.

PACKAGING: 5 oz. bottle.
HEAT INDEX: 21/10HG_label

Standard edition bottles available through our website beginning March 2015.