Taco Jesus in the Movies

Check out the award-winning short film PROTECTION from Cineview Studios that was recently awarded first place in the 24 Hour Film Race. This was a worldwide competition where teams were given a random set of criteria and then had only 24 hours to write, direct and produce a short film.  The event requirements indicated that the film must include the theme “Time’s Up”, had to include an action figure as a prop and had to include looking at a reflection as part of the film.   WARNING: NSFW Language.

It was filmed at a local upscale convenience store, the Belleair Market, that carries Taco Jesus Hot Sauces and happened to have one of our action figures on their counter when the film crew arrived and received the filming requirements.  The Taco Jesus action figure and our products appear frequently throughout the movie in the background, and beginning around the 6:55 mark the action figure is featured prominently throughout the rest of the movie.

The film was produced in 24 hours between June 29-30, 2018 and was awarded first-place in the 24 Hour Film Race on August 27, 2018.  It’s a great film and we were quite surprised to find out that Taco Jesus had been featured in the movie.  If you’ve got nine and a half minutes to spare, give the film a look.  We’re confident it will be the best nine and a half minutes of your day.