New Flavors Available

Full Product LineOf course you have come to expect great things from Taco Jesus Hot Sauces, and the great things just keep on coming.  We’ve added eight new restaurant style sauces to our product line up all available now through our online shop

TJ - Red SavinaTaco Jesus’ Red Savina blends Red Savina and Naga Jolokia peppers with onion, lemon juice, passion fruit juice and garlic pulp to form a powerful sauce, both in flavor and heat! This is no ‘soupy’ hot sauce. Quite to the contrary, our Red Savina is a thick crushed pepper sauce that will stick with you… possibly longer than you had intended!

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Things Are Happening

It’s hard to believe that Taco Jesus Hot Sauce has been in existence for only a few months.  So many great things have happened since the first of the year, and we couldn’t have done it without you, our awesome customers.  While Taco Jesus had been around on Facebook for many years selling t-shirts and trinkets it wasn’t until this year when we started selling the hot sauces that the brand has really taken off.

The initial success of this product launch has really allowed us to start offering some other really cool products.  From our most recent addition, the much anticipated Taco Jesus Action Figure, to a whole bunch of other awesome items we have on the way it has been a great ride.

Keep checking back with us as a ton of new offerings will be available soon including several new sauce varieties to tempt your taste buds.  Also the volume of sales so far has allowed us to leverage our purchasing power and we hope to be able to pass along the saving to you.

Taco Jesus Action Figures

The Taco Jesus Action FigureSOLD OUT:

Action figures have been around for many years honoring some of the greatest super heroes of all-time, but not until now has the ultimate action figure become available honoring the one true super hero Taco Jesus.  Spiderman may have spidey sense, and Superman may be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but these powers pale in comparison to the true powers of Taco Jesus.

With poseable arms and a wheeled base for gliding action the Taco Jesus Action Figure will bring real taco action to your playtime."Real Taco Action" is here!  All the neighborhood Barbies will flock to your house and you will be the envy of all of your friends when you break out your Taco Jesus Action Figure.

Whether this is part of your action figure collection or part of your fun time action the Taco Jesus Action Figure is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face every time you break him out.  You can perform true miracles like turning imaginary water into cerveza and feeding the masses from just two tacos.  The miracles you will be able to perform with the Taco Jesus Action Figure are only limited by your imagination.

West Coast Distributor

West Coast Distributor Scott Benedettini

West Coast Distributor – Scott Benedettini

In our continual efforts to keep growing the brand and make the product more available to customers we are glad to announce a new partnership in California with Scott Benedettini.  Scott brings his expertise in the restaurant business to the Taco Jesus team and can help service the state and bring our products to retailers and restaurants near you.  If you are in the Golden State and are interested in offering the Taco Jesus line of products Scott will offer the personal service that is making our brand famous.

The Gospel of Taco Jesus

Taco Jesus's photo.

And on the eighth day He said, “I give to you the corn so that you may grind it into flour for tortillas, and tomatoes and lettuce so that you may slice them for toppings. I also give to you all the animals of the field so that you may use the meat for sustenance, and the milk to create cheeses.”

Then He looked down upon the earth and saw this meal which He had created and He called the meal tacos and saw that they were good. So He gave his only begotten son to the earth so that He may spread the Taco Gospel and offer sauces to the people. Sauces of all natural ingredients which were delicious and numerous in variety. Sauces which were available at for all to enjoy.