On The Way …

Thank you to everyone who has ordered our limited edition products through our first weekend limited release.  The initial shipments go out today via FedEx and will be delivered early next week.  There are still shipmentslimited edition bottles available through the Etsy shop for the taking, so if you want to be a part of Taco Jesus history get on over and grab them while they last.

For those of you who want to get in on the action but don’t want to spring for the limited edition bottles, the official Taco Jesus storefront will be opening for business this weekend.  Stay tuned for more details.  There will be several different versions of our products for sale through the new online store including regular bottles, premium display bottles for collectors, and 3-pack gift sets.  Also over the coming weeks we will be expanding the product line up, so stay tuned for more exciting news to come.

Keep spreading the taco gospel …

– Taco Jesus

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